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A little reflection

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As my blog begins to grow I thought it would be nice to do a little reflection on my previous blogging attempts that didn’t take so well. Two years ago I wrote a handful of OK posts on a small blog that I started but never really did anything with. I was having a nosey through the posts and came across this one, from my first Monday morning as a a self-employed person.

"Today I woke up, read a book, did a workout, had breakfast, then began working...from
home. I cannot tell you how good that feels to say!

I know that for some people the routine of physically going to work is much more
preferable. For me, my own cosy environment is where I'm most happy...with the odd
trip to a local cafe for some writing or a meeting. I'm not a total hermit!"

This sentiment is still completely true today. I’m incredibly grateful to work from home, in my own cosy environment. What I find funny however, is what I talk about next. The post goes on to tell all about the different “businesses” I was running at the time and my ambitions for each one. You know what? Not one of them is still in existence! That’s OK though. I learnt a lot from my first couple of months in the self-employed world.


My businesses were as follows:

Pippin Prints.

A stationery business that designed motivational cards and other paper items. A sweet idea and something that might have been successful if I had known what to do. Unfortunately my knowledge was limited to Photoshop and how to set up on Etsy. I knew nothing about marketing or the importance of social media!

Interior Design

This business didn’t even have a name. I’m pretty sure I never got round to giving it one…nor did I get as far as sourcing my first client. I was keen to step away from the office environment and initially I thought this was the way to do it, but I never really put the effort in to get it off the ground.


I do still work from home, but I’m working on entirely different things now. You can read more about what I’m up to in this blog post here as well as the ups and downs of being self-employed!

It does make me cringe to see how naive I was two years ago, but I’m so happy to see the progress I’ve made as well! I understand the importance of planning and having urgency in finding an income source. I have the ability and the confidence to source clients now too and I know how to handle my finances and complete a tax return – the bane of every self-employed person’s life. Some of you will be nodding right now!

My word of the week last Friday was learning, and oh my goodness has this been a period of learning for me!

Do you have a similar story? I would love to hear about it!


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