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Word of the week – Comfort

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Each Friday, I would like to share a word of the week with you. Something that summarises what I’ve been up to, how I’ve felt and how life is generally going. I’d love if you’d share one in the comments. It can be so therapeutic to reflect on what’s been happening, good or bad!

This week I have chosen the word comfort

After the change in weather that we’ve had, from roasting to quite chilly, I’ve managed to catch myself a bit of a cold. The eejit that I am, I left our bedroom window open without thinking and the cold air must have caught the back of my throat when I was sleeping. It’s nothing too bad but my nose is stuffy and I have that annoying ache in my sinuses and behind my eyes. As a result, I’ve opted for comfort all week long!

I spent the entire week in my comfy clothes. My PJs haven’t quite made an appearance but old t-shirts and joggy bottoms have been my go to. Oh, and ridiculously fluffy socks too of course. Blankets have also been a necessity and I’ve had Christmas scented candles lit in the kitchen and living room. Yes it’s a bit early, but it was one of the few things I could smell all week. My house was comfy and cosy and that alone made me feel so much better!

To top it off my better half appeared from the kitchen on Wednesday with a big grin on his face. He had decided to surprise me with home made soup AND home made bread in an attempt to make me feel better. It worked. The ultimate comfort food dinner and a rather frugal option too!


So there it is, my word of the week and a summary of the past seven days.

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18 thoughts on “Word of the week – Comfort”

    1. It hit the spot Louise! I’ve really enjoyed the cosy week, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting out for some fresh air now too πŸ™‚ #WotW

  1. Ahh! I have done exactly the same as you! I left the window wide open and have been suffering today with the start of a cold. I think I will be having a weekend of comfort. Home made soup and home made bread! You lucky thing. I could do with that right now. I hope you feel better soon x

    1. What are we like Kim? Absolute wallies! I hope yours clears up quickly, with the help of some comfort food of course πŸ™‚ #WotW

    1. Thanks Anne, I’m starting to feel better already so hopefully I can get out for some fresh air over the weekend! πŸ™‚ #WotW

  2. Your comfy week sounds like bliss, apart from the cold of course. Hope you are feeling much better now. I’ve had the Gingerbread candles burning, my house smells amazing and very Christmassy indeed, never too early in my opinion. Nothing better than a big bowl of soup when you are feeling rotten xx

    1. Oh I haven’t picked up a gingerbread candle yet this year Angela, but I think I will at some point to put in the kitchen. Then I can pretend I’m really good at baking πŸ˜› #WotW

  3. I love this time of year for comfort food. My slow cooker has been dusted off ready for stews, soup and slow roasted dinners. Yum! #WOTW

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