Ways To Calm Yourself Down When Stressed

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Stress is something most of us can relate to. It can happen at any point in our lives and is triggered by a variety of things. We all handle stress differently, and some of us can find dealing with stress, harder than others. Unfortunately, stress isn’t something we can just magic away, but there are ways we can learn to calm ourselves down when it all gets too much.


Ways To Calm Yourself Down When Stressed

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Breathe, Breathe And Breathe

It’s a very obvious and natural thing to do, but when we’re stressed out, we’re unknowingly take very shallow breaths. This is sending a message to your brain that reinforces that flight or fight feeling in us. By taking deep, long breaths, this disrupts the signal and helps you calm down.


Take Yourself Out Of The Situation

Removing yourself from the situation is one of the most helpful ways of calming down. Being in that situation is only going to force you into keeping it bottled up and brewing away. Find a quiet place, well away from anyone who anything that’s stressing you out and reflect. Cry if you need to, shout and scream if it makes you feel better.


Talk To Someone

It often helps to talk to someone when you’re stressed out. From a simple conversation with friends, work colleagues or a family member, to regular therapy sessions with a therapist. Talking through the scenarios that cause stress can help pinpoint the cause of it and how you can go about fixing it or at least combating it to make it a little more manageable.


Challenge Your Thoughts

When we experience stress, we’re often beating ourselves up over something that is likely not as stressful as we first think. Those irrational thoughts can be challenged if you stop and question it. Is this something that can be fixed easily? Will this be a problem if it goes wrong?

We often make situations appear more stressful than they actually are, and challenging these thoughts can really help calm your mind. If you’re unsure, ask a friend to see if the situation warrants the reaction your making.


Do Something That Makes You Happy

A stressful feeling is a negative one, so you want to pull yourself out of that negative state and find something that will help you to feel positive. It might be harder to do in specific scenarios, but it’s often little things that can make a huge difference. For example, you’ve just received a letter that informs you about your medical debt collection, or you’ve come into work, and a hundred emails are waiting for you. Treat yourself by going out for lunch or listen to a song that brings out those positive vibes. You know what makes you feel good, so tackle those negative feelings with things that make you happy.


It’s certainly reassuring to know that everyone does experience stress. From exams to a daily activity, stress comes a variety of forms. Just listen to your body, breathe and find those things that put your mind into a positive state and keep your wellbeing in check.

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