3 Simple Ways To Reap The Rewards From eBay

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Ebay is synonymous with mompreneurs, side hustlers and part-time hobbyists chancing their arm and trying to earn a bit of extra cash. While some people turn their noses up at eBay thinking that the whole idea of an online auction site simply isn’t worth the time and effort, they’d be wrong. Plenty of people have started their import empires and crafty ventures using the auction site as a springboard for bigger and better things. Take a look at how you can reap the rewards from eBay.


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Getting Serious

If you are feeling a little bit stuck in a rut in your current job, and you feel like breaking free, why not think about how to start an online business and take a punt on eBay. It doesn’t matter whether you want to sell custom made tee shirts, or whether you want to sell a unique hydraulic ball bearings from South Korea, or whether you have a collection of vinyl that you could do with shifting, eBay could be the answer. Like any startup, you need to create a business plan, do a spot of market research and ensure that you have enough money to utilize as funding. In essence, you are becoming an online retailer and selling your wares.


You need to price your products well, check out your competitors, and ensure that you deliver on time. Be honest and accurate with your descriptions, and you could see the money rolling in as your reputation grows.


Photos And Words

If you aren’t much of a wordsmith, make sure you get a pal to check over your product descriptions for grammar and punctuation. There’s nothing worse than trying to portray yourself as a professional outfit only for your descriptions to be full of spelling errors. The same goes for your photography. While a smartphone will more than do, you must make sure your product is clear, shot from every angle, and all flaws (however small) are detailed. Your photos make up more of the description than the words. If you have an allowance of twelve photos, don’t just whip up one out of focus shot. You won’t sell anything. Remember, the online sphere is a competitive world so get it right.


Be Honest

Don’t try and sell that rare 1920s Remington typewriter for a premium price if you know that the carriage is broken and the keys stick. By all means, sell it online, but don’t try and pull the wool over your potential buyers’ eyes by misleading them and leaving out the flaws. This will result in negative feedback and possible eBay intervention because of your dishonesty. Instead, point out the flaws, list it for a sensible price and be open to offers. Yes, you’ll get the odd silly one, but there are plenty of antique typewriter collectors all over the globe who will want your offering.


Starting a business is tricky. However, eBay can make it a whole lot easier. From here, you can set up a website, a physical store or simply bask in the glory of the online auction site.

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