Are Surprise Proposals Cliche Or Romantic?

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We’ve all seen the live surprise proposals on many television shows. The bride to-be or the groom to-be is surprised out of nowhere as their lover gets down on one knee and asks for their hand in marriage. The proposals done in front of live audiences draw one of two reactions from most people. You will either wince in embarrassment at the event or you will be just as shocked and happy as the person being proposed to. For many people they believe that surprise proposals are too cliche and overdone. This mostly because of what we see in Hollywood movies, and we tend to think that because we’ve seen it once too many often that doing this in real life would be unimaginative. However many others would disagree saying that it’s not the surprise that is cliche but where it’s done. Far too many people do it at sporting events or in fine dining restaurants. What if you could be very unique, would the surprise still be cliche?



Yes, it matters where

Taking your partner’s hand in marriage is a very serious and intimate thing to do, so why would you want to share that with total strangers? That’s what gets many people frustrated with proposals done in the stands of a sports stadium. The camera shines on the couple and all the pressure in the world is put on them and their privacy given away. Therefore, the location matters to a surprise proposal. You don’t have to be too obvious with a meal in a restaurant either. Surely you know something about the person you love and would find it better to use that knowledge to your advantage. Did you go on a holiday abroad to an exotic destination, and did they love it there? Do they have an emotional connection to any town or city, such as where they were born etc?



Get help and capture it

A large part of the reason that some people go for the cliche option is that they simply lack imagination and because it’s such a big deal they don’t tell anyone what they’re planning. However, if you could get some help from people who do this kind of thing professionally, you may find that your surprise proposal is actually a real surprise. Not only that but it can be romantic and unique, something that other people haven’t done before. To capture the moment and organize it, you can use an expert surprise proposal photographer such as Andrea Matone. Teams like his can organize the trip, offer transport, and coordinate a photoshoot upon the happy news. This is something that you can capture for the future to look back on. It’s part of the journey that can be connected from the proposal to the marriage and anniversary.


Surprise proposals can be cliche but they are not inherently so. Being romantic, you should choose a specific location, and preferably keep it private so the public onlookers are kept to a minimum. If you need help, ask for it! If you are struggling for ideas, then you should reach out to professionals who do this night and day.

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