Bespoke Engagement Rings: 4 Things You Need To Know

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Engagement rings are taking on the trends of the 21st-century, which means they are getting unoriginal. Ask a bride-to-be to show you her rock and it’ll look the same as countless others you’ve seen. As someone who knows the question is just around the corner, the last thing you want is to blend into the crowd. A ring should be one fit for a queen, a bespoke number which is original and unique.

Of course, you can’t walk into a designer’s shop without knowing a few things first. Below are the four main points to remember regarding a bespoke engagement ring.


Pick A Diamond

As the focal point of the piece, it’s essential that this is to your liking. You may think finding a diamond on its own is tough, yet there are a handful of quality suppliers. Https:// recommends James Allen as the company has a wide range of rocks to choose from and they are a luxury brand. If you’re not familiar with solidified carbon, the things to watch out for are the four C’s. Clarity, Cut, Carat and Colour can tell you how much a diamond is worth and if it will work with metals and other stones.


Consider Your Style

It’s tempting to choose a current fad yet this isn’t a wise move. Why? It’s for two reasons. The first is the fact that it may not be timeless. This means in forty years when you’re middle-aged, the ring will be tacky and inelegant. More importantly, a new trend won’t suit your sense of style so the ring won’t be personal. As a result, it may not go with the outfits and jewellery you wear with it on a daily basis. Always try and impart a piece of yourself into any fashion statement by considering your personality traits.


Use Heirlooms

One of the best ways to stay on topic is to use family heirlooms. As products of our environment, people are often influenced by the things their role models wore. Your mum will be someone who had a huge impact on your fashion sense, which is why an old piece will work perfectly. Not only should it suit your style, but it will also add a level of personality and sentiment. Even if you don’t break it down and use it, don’t be afraid to take inspiration from the piece when you come up with a new design.


Remember The Budget

Your ring shouldn’t put the wedding as a whole in jeopardy. Part of finding or creating the perfect rock is to make it fit your budget. A frugal wedding isn’t something most brides want yet it’s a necessity if there isn’t enough cash in the pot. A good option is to tell a designer of your budget from the beginning so that they know what they are working with. If you don’t, they’ll do everything you ask for without understanding your financial restrictions.


That’s a surefire way to pay a fortune for an engagement ring you can’t afford.

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