From Screen To Aisle: Is It Possible To Find Marriage Through Online Dating?

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We all meet our partners in different ways. On our wedding days, we regale our friends with tales about that supermarket meet-cute, or the coffee shop rendezvous. These are traditional meetings which have been appearing in romantic films for years. But, times in the world of love are changing, and those classic wedding day stories soon look set to shift.

That is, of course, because of online dating. It’s taken our love lives by storm, and a survey by The Knot revealed that around 19% of married couples meet this way. That’s a substantial chunk of people which could leave you feeling baffled about your own online antics.



The fact is that many of us still struggle with online dating. Countless women get nothing more than unwanted advances and inappropriate pictures. Weddings are certainly worlds away from interactions like these. But, if the stats are anything to go by, it doesn’t have to be that way. Other women are finding marriage online, and you could too. All you need to do is consider the following.

Choose the right site

The online dating industry is swamped, and each platform attracts a different clientele. Some have hookups in mind, while others aim to foster deep connections. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that you should pick wisely if you want to see weddings on your cards. Look out for sites like Plenty of Fish. They pair partners based on interests and compatibility. It’s also worth choosing dating sites which require an ID Check when you register. This simple step ensures everyone is open and honest. And, we all know how important that is for fostering healthy relationships which last.

Don’t succumb to speed

On sites like Tinder, the ‘swipe right, swipe left’ culture harbors fast action. Most of the decisions you make during a swiping session are about appearance. That’s not always the best thing to go by. Looks do not a marriage make. Instead, aim for sites which encourage you to take your time, and use them to your benefit. Look for dating sites which offer extensive profiles and details. And, make sure you like what you read before making contact.


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You have to take the plunge

When push comes to shove, there’s never going to be a wedding if you don’t agree to meet with the guy. Screens can only take you so far. As such, you need to take the plunge if you want to see something come of these efforts. That means arranging dates with the guys you get along with. This can be daunting, but your precautions thus far should see you through. The security checks on your chosen site, for example, ensure your safety to some extent. Telling friends about the meeting and arranging it in a public place can also help. Either way, you need to meet the man before you can say for sure whether he’s the one. If all goes well, wedding bells could come your way sooner than you think.

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