Things You Don’t Really Need in Your Home

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Any designer you speak to or articles you read about improving your home will tell you that the first thing you need to do is de-clutter it, as this will give you a much better starting point for getting your home as you want it. Over years, we all amass things we do not really need in our homes, and here are just a few suggestions of a few of them.

Too Many Seats

It is not unusual for a living room to have too many seats. You may have a sofa, some armchairs, some upright chairs and footstalls that people use to sit on. You really do not need that many seats, especially when there is the floor as well. Stick with the sofa and armchairs and remove any other seating from your living room.

Then people will be able to stop climbing over things to get to the other side of the room because the amount of space disposing of the can create is quite amazing.

You may need to think about skip bin hire to be able to dispose of them safely, but while you have the skip bin you will be able to use it to dispose of other things as well. It gives you a great opportunity to declutter.

Top Sheets On Your Beds

You do not need top sheets on your beds. Comforters covers can all be removed and washed, so by using top sheets as well, you are just creating yourself more washing. Not only that but with just a duvet the beds become very easy to make each day. A top sheet can make them a bit harder to keep in order, as they often move in the opposite direction to the quilt.


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A Bench At The Bottom Of Your Bed

A bench at the bottom of your bed, a stool or chair in the corner or something else similar will just act as a magnet for you to throw clothes on when you have finished with them. These can build up, but if there were not anything there, you would put them straight in with the rest of the laundry, where they should be.

Furniture in Your Entrance Hall

Unless you have a very large entrance hall, you should not clutter it with furniture. You really do not need to have chairs or coatracks just inside your front door. Even people who do not get over your doorstep see the hall of your home and it should look as clean, crisp, and uncluttered as possible.

Filing Cabinets

No one needs filing cabinets in their home spoiling the interior decor anymore. The digital age has done away with the need to keep a paper copy of every transaction we do, and for the number of things you do need to keep a copy of, a desktop organizer is a much better option.


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Bathroom Seats

A stool or chair in your bathroom will just take up valuable space, and they are not really needed. Family members will leave wet towels and clothes to pile up on them, and they can be more of a hindrance than useful.

Media Centers

It is not that many years ago that you needed a long cabinet to house all the items for entertainment. The TV used to sit on top and then in shelves underneath you would have had a VCR player, a games console, and perhaps some sort of box belonging to one of the large TV providers. They would also hold your games for the console and your DVD’s as well as all the remote controls needed to use these things.

Now, if you bother with a TV at all, and many people stream programs and films direct to their laptops instead, it can be wall-mounted. You no longer will need a VCR player and games consoles are much smaller than they used to be. You can have a small unit anywhere in the room to hold this, the controls, and the games, which will free up some great space in your home.

Check Out Your Kitchen

Your kitchen probably has many storage jars and boxes that you have had for years, and you keep them because they might be useful one day. Well, one day never comes and they could sit there for many more years without ever being used.

Sort out the ones you do use and dispose of all the others. You might be surprised by how much extra space you create in your cupboards just by getting rid of a few storage containers.

While in your kitchen, remember that it does not have to be wall-to-wall cabinets. You could also have some floating shelves, and free up some of the floor space.

A Large Coffee Table

For many years, having a large coffee table in the center of your room was a fashion trend that, many people followed. Just think though, how many times have you bruised your leg when you have bumped into a corner of it while trying to navigate around the room?

They really are not needed, and just take up space that could be open and free of any clutter. This would enlarge the size of your room to the eye, and mean you can say goodbye to the bruises they caused.

Loose Baskets Everywhere

You do not need loose baskets dotted about your home. Yes, they can be useful for storing things in, but only have ones that will fit inside a cabinet or closet.  When you are de-cluttering your home you will have dome away with the need to store so many things, and this, in turn, will mean that you can also get rid of baskets that cannot be put away.


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Oversized Plants

Some small pot plants or fresh flowers can add color to your room. They will also help to keep the air fresher for you and your family. When they start reaching a few feet high and wide, it is time to say goodbye to them though, as they will be taking up far too much space.

They may look great in the entrance hall of a local school or community hall so perhaps you could donate it to one of those. In your home, they will be overpowering and are definitely something you should be moving out.

Have A Shelf, Not A Nightstand

For most people, all they use their nightstand for is to hold their mobile phone while they are asleep and maybe a glass of water. These days, smartphones are our alarms and you do not need a separate clock to wake you up, and you do not need a nightstand either. A small shelf on the wall will do the trick, and then your bedroom will not look so cluttered.

Don’t Overdo The Cushions

Most people, no matter what their age, love comfy cushions. However, it is very easy to overdo it and end up with far more than you need. Suddenly, you can find that the sofa looks great with all its soft cushions on, but there is no room left for you. Having a couple on your sofa and maybe even on your bed is great, but keep the numbers of them down or you might be struggling to find a seat for you.

Bar Carts

Bar carts do not warrant the amount of space they can take up. You can just as easily have your wines and spirits on a tray or in a cupboard for when they are required, and dispose of the bar cart for the extra space. You will probably find that you do not even miss it.


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Large Table Lamps

The fashion for very large table lamps disappeared years ago. If you still have any, replace them with something smaller as these will look a lot classier and will still provide the same amount of light.

A Bed

If you are a city dweller living in a studio apartment you may not have the room for a bed and a sofa. If this is your situation opt for a sleeper sofa or a daybed, both of which can be used to sleep on or sit on. Then it will not matter if you fall asleep in front of the TV, as you will already be on your bed, sofa or whatever it is at that time.

Vanity Units

For a long time, a bathroom or bedroom was not complete unless it has a vanity unit. Now they are old hat, and a shell under a mirror is much more popular. It is a cheaper way to have somewhere to sort out your makeup in the mornings and leaves much more floor space free.

Get Rid Of Them Now!

You may look at some of the things on this list and think that there is no way you could manage without them. If you really feel that way, instead of disposing of it completely, put it in your garage or shed for maybe a month or so, and you may be surprised just how quickly you get used to the item not being there. Just give it a try, and soon you will find that you have lots of things you do not need in your home.

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